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Iron ASP upload component-free (An-Upload) v9.7.9 Show upload.asp Source code

Return Download Iron ASP upload component-free (An-Upload) v9.7.9: download upload.asp Source code - Download Iron ASP upload component-free (An-Upload) v9.7.9 Source code - Type:.asp
  1. <!--#include file=""-->
  2. <%
  3.  on error resume next
  4.  Server.ScriptTimeout = 9999999
  5.  Dim Upload,successful,thisFile,allFiles,upPath,path
  6.  set Upload=new AnUpLoad
  7.  Upload.openProcesser=true  '打开进度条显示
  8.  Upload.SingleSize=1024*1024  '设置单个文件最大上传限制,按字节计;默认为不限制,本例为512M
  9.  Upload.MaxSize=1024*1024 '设置最大上传限制,按字节计;默认为不限制,本例为1G
  10.  Upload.Exe="rar|jpg|bmp|gif"  '设置允许上传的扩展名
  11.  Upload.GetData()
  12.  if Upload.ErrorID>0 then
  13.         upload.setApp "faild",1,0 ,Upload.description
  14.  else
  15.         if Upload.files(-1).count>0 then
  16.                 dim str
  17.                 for each file in Upload.files(-1)
  18.                 upPath=request.querystring("path")
  19.                 path=server.mappath(upPath)
  20.                 set tempCls=Upload.files(file)
  21.             upload.setApp "saving",Upload.TotalSize,Upload.TotalSize,tempCls.FileName
  22.                 successful=tempCls.SaveToFile(path,0)
  23.                         thisFile="{name:'" & tempCls.FileName & "',size:" & tempCls.Size & "}"
  24.                         allFiles=allFiles & thisFile & ","
  25.                 set tempCls=nothing
  26.                 next
  27.                 upload.setApp "saved",Upload.TotalSize,Upload.TotalSize,allFiles
  28.     else
  29.         upload.setApp "faild",1,0,"没有上传任何文件"
  30.         end if
  31.  end if
  32.  if err then upload.setApp "faild",1,0,err.description
  33.  set Upload=nothing
  34.  response.end
  35. %>
downloadupload.asp Source code - Download Iron ASP upload component-free (An-Upload) v9.7.9 Source code
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