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  2. <!-- #include file="conn.asp" -->
  3. <%
  4. what=Request("what")
  5. set rs=server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
  6. SQL="select * from ZhuanTiPhoto Order By ZTorderDate Desc"
  7. SQL,conn,1,1
  9. if not rs.eof then
  10.   '主页发送的变量
  11.   if what=1 then
  12.     '发送加载成功
  13.     Response.Write("ZTphoto=1&")
  14.     rs.MoveFirst
  15.         i=1    
  16.         do while i<=5  
  17.         if rs("ZTdate")=date() then
  18.           '显示新
  19.           ZTtitle=rs("ZTtitle")&" <FONT COLOR='#D31919'>新</FONT>&"
  20.         else
  21.           ZTtitle=rs("ZTtitle")
  22.         end if
  23.         Response.Write("ZTtitle"&i&"="& ZTtitle &"&")
  24.         Response.Write("ZTid"&i&"="&rs("ZTid")&"&HYname"&i&"="&rs("HYname")&"&")
  25.         Response.Write("ZTdate"&i&"="&FormatDateTime(rs("ZTdate"),2)&"&ZTeditDate"&i&"="&rs("ZTeditDate")&"&ZTcount"&i&"="&rs("ZTcount")&"&")
  26.         i=i+1
  27.     rs.MoveNext
  28.         if rs.eof then exit do end if
  29.         loop
  30.   else
  31.     '设计专题  
  32.         maxPerPage=19 '每页显示数
  33.     page=Request("page") '页数
  34.     if (page="" or isempty(page)) then page=1
  35.         rs.pagesize=maxPerPage
  36.         i=1
  37.         if not (rs.eof or err) then rs.move (page-1)*maxPerPage
  38.         do while not (rs.eof or err)
  39.           if rs("ZTdate")=date() then
  40.             '显示新
  41.             ZTtitle=Left(trim(rs("ZTtitle")),21)&" <FONT COLOR='#D31919'>新</FONT>&"
  42.           else
  43.             ZTtitle=Left(trim(rs("ZTtitle")),21)
  44.           end if
  45.         Response.Write("ZTtitle"&i&"="& ZTtitle &"&")
  46.         Response.Write("ZTid"&i&"="&rs("ZTid")&"&HYname"&i&"="&rs("HYname")&"&")
  47.         Response.Write("ZTdate"&i&"="&FormatDateTime(rs("ZTdate"),2)&"&ZTeditDate"&i&"="&rs("ZTeditDate")&"&ZTcount"&i&"="&rs("ZTcount")&"&")
  48.         i=i+1  
  49.         if i>maxPerPage then exit do
  50.         rs.movenext
  51.     Loop
  52.         Response.Write("recordCount="& rs.recordCount &"&page="& page &"&pageCount="& rs.pageCount &"&maxPerPage="&maxPerPage&"&")
  53.     '发送加载成功
  54.     Response.Write("ZTphoto=1&")
  55.   end if
  56. else
  57.   '发送没有数据
  58.   Response.Write("ZTphoto=0&")
  59. end if
  60. rs.close
  61. set rs=Nothing
  62. CloseDataConn()
  63. %>
downloadZTPhoto.asp Source code - Download Lin Ganxin Yu personal Flash home page source code Source code
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